About us

This Power International National Media Pvt. Ltd. (PIM Nepal) is a company running by senior filmmakers and media personalities with objectives of producing and broadcasting documentary, short movie, music video, stage programs, etc.
Power International National Media Pvt. Ltd. (PIM Nepal), incorporated in 2018 A.D. is also publishing a national monthly magazine namely Power News. Likewise Power International National Media Pvt. Ltd. (PIM Nepal) is also running an online portal nationalpowernews.com
formerly running by one of the best known and renowned company Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., initially incorporated in 2008 A.D. Power International Media Pvt. Ltd.

(PIM Nepal) is also running three major national level award and honor ceremonies, namely National Power News Award, National Power News Music Award and PIM Nepal Documentary Festival. This organization is also highly devoted in regard to the Human Rights.

It uses to produce many human rights related documentary, movies, short movies, etc and also organizing different programs, meetings and seminar regarding this aspect in collaboration of different association for raising public awareness.


1.  Production and exhibition of professional movies, documentary, short films, etc.

2. Organizing different programs, publishing souvenir, newspaper, magazines, producing movie, drama etc regarding human rights (women, children and senior citizens) and victims and other essential factors too and to raise voice against human rights violation of state and many other authorities.
3 .To raise different national and international issues, contemporary subjects, etc by efficiently running Power News National Monthly Magazine and National Power News Dot Com and to present all those issues in front of the concerning authorities and agencies in witness of general civilians.
4. To inspire and motivate renowned and respects legends and specialist working in the field of Nepali art, culture, music, education, cinema, human rights, health etc by running National Power News Award, National Power News Music Award, Peace Nepal Documentary Festival more effectively, magisterially, impartially and disciplinary.
5. This company will celebrate its anniversary in Ash win 1st (17th September) of every year and in that occasion this organization will organize blood donation program, arranging meal for old age people and children and to honor and award five supreme personality of the society.

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