Film Production

Dhunge Yug :  Dhunge Yug (Stone Era) is a (First silence Nepalese film )  produced under this banner in 2008 in search of human civilization. This movie had tried best to explore and expose lifestyle of the then time and civilization.

Director/ writer  : Madhab Raj Kharel
Producer : kamala kumari joshi/Jeetendra Gajurel
Artist: Avon Raj Uprety, Dilkrishna Shrestha, Sabina Pokharel, Lakshman Tiwari

Birano Maya: Birano Maya is the movie where we can taste better fusion of love, sacrifice and devotion. As this movie has also resembled Limbu culture and tradition of eastern Nepal, this movie has been considered as the cultural movie by the movie pundits.

Director /Writer :   Madhab Raj Kharkh
Producer : Kamala Kumari Joshi/ Milan Lama/Sabitri Adhikari
Artist : Shridev Bhattarai, Dinesh D. C, Rohit Rumba, Namrata Sankakota, Deepas V.C., Madhab Raj.

Kuineto :  Kuineta is a movie produced with aim of showing and exposing art, culture and tradition of far western region of Nepal. This movie is based in Thakuris, who had themselves crowned them as local leaders (king) in ancient time and local resident indigenous Tharu People and discrimination and love. This movie was produced under comedy genre.

Director/Writer :  Madhab Raj Kharel
Producer : kamala kumari joshi

Dhunge Yug 2 (In search of human civilization) :  Struggles of human for existence of their identity and dominance in the course of development of human civilization is the story plot of this movie. This movie has exposed and put limelight on their struggle for livelihood, development of senses and knowledge, feeling of love, affection, war and migration, etc. This movie is the one which has been scripted and produced being close to the reality of incidents happened and occurred during initial human civilization phase.

Directior /writer :  Madhab Raj Kharel
Producer : Kamala Kumari Joshi Camera : Janak Raj Adhikari

Artists: Shreedev bhattarai, Prajol Giri, Soniya Sharma, Mahima Silwal, Sanjog Rana, bhuwan bhujel ect. ( ON POST _ PRODUCTION)

Durgamandu : 

Generally disabled poor women are treated as witch craft by the society. This evil practice has great impact on society.
This drama Durgamandu is a practiced superstition prodded in for western Development Region of Doti. It tells about the story of women violence. The unveil parent’s, with untouchable , dowry,discrimination such bad tradition are prosecuted that still occur day by day in our community….
This drama not only emphasize the event but also focus on the way of miler try those prefixes.
This movie Durgamandu is about a lady Durga of remote area Doti Who had face such circumstance,violence and discrimination is represented. What sorts of difficulties and trouble woman had to face throughout her life is symbolized through Durga in such areas. The scrabble condition girl face during menstrual cycle, child marriage is presented through this drama.

Director/writer :  Madhab Raj Kharel
Producer: Kamala Kumari Joshi
Artist: Simran Joshi, Madhab Raj Kharel, Saniya , Ganga Bhuyjel, Min Bohora, Siddha Raj Timalsina, Rajan Kharel etc

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